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Promoting professional best practice

Promoting professional best practice

The AAA promotes best practices in agenting by providing training opportunities and guidelines for its member agencies.

The AAA Code of Conduct, Constitution, the Commitment to Professional Behaviour, and Authors’ rights are at the forefront of all members’ practices.

Transparency between authors and literary agents and upholding the integrity of the industry are two key aspects of the way the AAA and its members function.


The AAA Constitution outlines membership details, including that membership is open to any agency or individual independent agent actively and professionally engaged in the business of the representation of authors and other individuals who create copyright works, provided that they meet the Association’s eligibility criteria.


Code of Practice

AAA member agencies are encouraged to uphold and protect the reputation of the industry and the Association through their actions. The Code of Practice guides member agencies on the appropriate and transparent terms of business under which they should operate.


Industry Commitment to Professional Behaviour

The AAA stands against all forms of racism, prejudice and injustice. We affirm the principles of the industry-wide Commitment to Professional Behaviour in Bookselling and Publishing, written and endorsed by the Booksellers Association, The Society of Authors, The Publishers Association and the Association of Authors’ Agents.


Building an Inclusive Workplace

The AAA is committed to supporting our members’ efforts to make book publishing – and the broader media and creative industries – more inclusive and representative. We support this ongoing work towards lasting change and have developed best practices for inclusive recruitment and professional career development, a library of resources on inclusivity and diversity, and offer practical advice and training for our members on topics such as unconscious bias.




The Association is developing resources and advice for members on making their businesses more sustainable and reducing environmental impact. Please stay tuned for more information on improving sustainability in your literary agency.

Privacy Policy

For more details on how we store and interact with our member agencies and their information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Privacy policy

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Our current member agencies include literary agents from all walks of life — no matter your background or your past experience, there’s space for everyone in agenting.

Please note that the AAA is not able to offer advice on finding representation by an agent or getting published.

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